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The company supplies slope protection nets of various specifications and styles. Slope protection nets thank customers for their long-term recognition and strong support

About Us

Anping County Ruina Dipo Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

Anping County Ruina Dipo Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the well-known wire mesh industrial base and the hometown of wire mesh—Anping County, Hebei Province. The Shihuang Expressway is connected to the south, and the city has a large highway and railway logistics center with very developed transportation. Our company is a leading enterprise specializing in the production of wire mesh products. The slope protection nets, active protection nets, titanium gauze nets, steel wire rope nets, and SNS flexible protective nets produced by our company have won domestic and foreign customers with excellent quality and excellent service. Praise. We adhere to the principle of honesty and trustworthiness as the foundation of enterprise development; business philosophy of high quality, prompt delivery, reasonable price and good service. Anping Ruina Dipo Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. allows you to buy assured products at a favorable price and a fast way. Yesterday, we won the trust of users with excellent quality. Today, we will make persistent efforts to further improve product quality to meet the requirements of multiple customers. Technically, meticulous in production to ensure the certificate ...

Why use titanium gauze for slope protection

The structure is firm and the outline is flat. Widely used in slope support, roadbed reinforcement, grouting and hanging nets, foundation pit support, rock mesh profile hanging net spraying, slope planting (greening), agricultural support and construction industry, steel bars, care, floor curing boards Reinforcement can also be used for poultry fences, fish ponds, children's playground fences and home decoration. Fully operate the flexibility and high impact resistance of flexible materials to adapt to various slopes ...

common problem

What are the installation requirements for slope protection nets?
The slope protection net adopts a flexible structure to protect the slope. According to the changes of the slope and the installation method, the steel wire net is used as the outer net, which effectively protects ...
The use and role of slope protection nets
Slope protection nets are generally used in areas where highways are cluttered, such as mountainous and hilly areas, to prevent falling rocks and landslides. have...
What is the quality of the slope protection net
The raw materials of the slope protection net are very used, and the appearance is also treated by anticorrosive treatment. The service life is very long, it can reach 30-50 years, but in the use process ...
Detailed installation method of passive protection net
Passive protective nets are made of steel wire nets or ring nets, grids (to prevent small rocks from falling), fixed systems (anchors, anchor ropes, bases, tops ...
Questions to pay attention to when laying flexible protective nets on site
Galvanized active protection system with high-strength steel wire rope as the main material has the advantages of high toughness, high protection strength and easy promotion. By right ...
Construction steps and methods of active protection net
As a kind of slope protection network, automatic protection net has been widely used in slope protection engineering. The slopes along the road are widely spread along the road ...
Anping County Ruina Dipo Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.
Anping Rui Na Tipo Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

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